Sunday, October 23, 2011

Bout of Books 2.0

The Bout of Books Read-a-thon starts tomorrow and I am pumped up!! This go-around I am a co-host for an entire day. So make sure to stop by my blog on Wednesday for the challenge or meet up with me (@ActinUpwb) for the Twitter chat at 8pm EST.

Here are some reminders from Amanda, read-a-thon organizer, at On a Book Bender:

Quick Reminders
  • Sign up! I will leave sign-up open through Friday 10/28.
  • You must be signed up and on the Master List to qualify for challenge prizes.  Co-hosts will check the list to verify.
  • Check out the Bout of Books schedule
  • Say hi to other Bout of Books readers.
  • Find Bout of Books participants on Twitter (and yes, this time it DOES include me).
  • See what everyone is tweeting.  Use #boutofbooks in your tweets.
  • Look for a wrap up post (and survey; we want to know what worked or didn’t) here at On a Book Bender on Monday, 10/31
  • If you choose to have a starting line post with goals, please PLEASE include how much you intend to read.  Not everyone can read the entire week, so it is helpful to know when (or how much) you can read.
  • Submit a link to your starting line post at the end of this post.
  • And most importantly: HAVE  FUN.
Time Devoted to Reading
Read some every day 

My Goals
  • read more books than during the last Bout of Books read-a-thon - so at least 5 books
  • comment/converse more with bloggers/readers
  • participate in more challenges
  • Have a good time!
Books To Read

This time I'm not listing specific titles that I plan to read because, like with everything, I like to keep my options open, but I do plan to read:
  • One book recommended to me
  • One book gifted to me
  • One book I won from a giveaway
  • One e-book
  • One book for review
  • One book that will fulfill one of the year-long challenges I signed up for 
I will update mainly on Twitter at @ActinUpwb and will complete a final read-a-thon update at the end of the week. I hope to meet some new readers and discover some new books along the way.


  1. 5 books? Whoa, that's quite a lot!
    Good luck! :)
    Hope you'll manage to reach your goal, xxx

  2. I like that you've got categories of books rather than titles. It IS a great way to keep your options open. :)

  3. Good luck with your goals. Have a good time is the most important one!


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