Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Last Stop This Town by David Steinberg


Last Stop This Town
by David H. Steinberg
Published by Monkey Business Press
Publication Date: March 7, 2012
Pages: 192
Source: received from the Author/Publisher

The debut novel from "American Pie" series screenwriter David H. Steinberg. It's the last weekend before high school graduation, and as they prepare to go their separate ways, four life-long friends spend a wild and raucous night in New York City that forces them to face their fear of growing up... and growing apart.

West Hartford, Connecticut. Growing up in the suburbs is a mind-numbingly boring experience for most teenagers, and high school seniors Dylan, Noah, Pike, and Walker are no exception. They spend their days testing how fast they can drive on the local residential streets, bribing homeless dudes to buy them beer, and attending crappy house parties. So when Dylan proposes that they spend their last weekend of high school in New York City attending an underground rave, the guys are ready to make some serious memories.

In New York, though, the guys have run-ins with a drug dealer with a penchant for fire extinguishers, a Chinese restaurant owner with a score to settle, an Albanian street gang, con men, hookers, performance artists, and a gaggle of hot, degenerate, rich girls. Over the course of one incredible night, their outrageous journey gives the guys a bonding experience they'll never forget, as they learn that part of growing up means they're going to have to face their futures on their own.

(Parental advisory: Contains strong language, drinking, drugs, and sexual situations, all involving teens.) from Goodreads

My Thoughts

I admit it, I was lured into reading this book by the setting - NYC, the timeframe - the weekend before graduation when the characters would be on the cusp of change, and by the author - an American Pie screenwriter. I loved most of the movies of the franchise and was swayed to read the books for that reason.

AND I wanted to read a book that would make me laugh my face off. 

Last Stop This Town reads like a raunchy teen comedy. The main characters best friends Dylan, Noah, Walker and Pike fill a niche of the typical teenage boys. There were moments of depth to each character, but mostly they were just out to have a good time on their last weekend together before graduating. The different situations that they would get themselves into or find themselves in did not seem very realistic or likely. Maybe it was possible for most of these events to happen, but not all in the same night. Again for this reason, the book read like a movie where anything is possible and if something can go wrong, it most likely will. BUT having said that, it shouldn't take away from the fun time that I had while reading this.

Last Stop This Town may not be for everyone, but I thought it was a good time. It reminded me of my guy friends from high school - because yes, the loud, obnoxious, thrill seekers who may not be the best influences can make good friends, provide lots of laughs, and keep you on your toes.

Disclaimer: I received this book from the author/publisher in exchange for my honest review. Thoughts and opinions are my own.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Recommend A . . . book with a green cover

Graphic by  
(altered from Chick Loves Lit) “Recommend A…” will have a new prompt every week, which Shanyn will have posted ahead of time on the Recommend A… page. All you have to do is Recommend with Chick Loves Lit on Mondays, following the prompt, and link up so Shanyn (and everyone else) can see what you’ve recommended!

 This week's prompt:

a book with a green cover

Ruby Oliver, the neurotic, hyperverbal heroine of the The Boyfriend List, The Boy Book, and The Treasure Map of Boys, is back!

Ruby Oliver is in love. Or it would be love, if Noel, her real live boyfriend, would call her back. But Noel seems to have turned into a pod-robot lobotomy patient, and Ruby can’t figure out why.

Not only is her romantic life a shambles:
Her dad is eating nothing but Cheetos,
Her mother’s got a piglet head in the refrigerator,
Hutch has gone to Paris to play baguette air guitar,
Gideon shows up shirtless,
And the pygmy goat Robespierre is no help whatsoever.

Will Ruby ever control her panic attacks?
Will she ever understand boys?
Will she ever stop making lists?
(No to that last one.)

Roo has lost most of her friends. She’s lost her true love, more than once. She’s lost her grandmother, her job, her reputation, and possibly her mind. But she’s never lost her sense of humor. The Ruby Oliver books are the record of her survival.
(from Goodreads)

Real Live Boyfriends is book four of the Ruby Oliver series by E. Lockhart. This series is a lot of fun. Ruby is character that is easy to fall in love with, relatable, sarcastic, yet charming. Recommending book 4 is kind of a cheat because of course I want you all to read the entire series because I love it. 

Friday, May 25, 2012

Splash into Summer Giveaway Hop

The Splash Into Summer Giveaway is hosted by I Am a Reader, Not a Writer and Page Turners Blog. There are over 200 blogs hosting giveaways so I'm sure there is a little something for everyone.

My Prize:

I want to fill up your beach bag with books and books and more books. So I am giving away a Box Of Books. Most are New, a few are used and a few are signed by the author. I'm not telling which ones so that will be a little surprise for the winner.

Here are the books that I am included in the Box of Books:

Giveaway Rules
 Must be at least 16 yrs or older
Open to US addresses only
Following is NOT required 
Fill out the form below
one entry per person
Contest ends May 31th 2012 11:59 EST
                                       One Winner will be selected using

This giveaway is now over.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Spring Blog Carnival: Karaoke Booth Winner

And the Winner Is . . .


Angie selected Shade by Jeri Smith Ready - EXCELLENT choice!

Thank you to everyone who participated and allowed your favorite characters to enter the karaoke booth and express themselves through song. Check back later this week when I will feature from of my favorite entries.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Bout of Books 4.0 Wrap-Up

Bout of Books Read-a-Thon

There's still a little over an hour left of the Bout of Books read-a-thon, but my eyes are tired and my DVR is full so I'm calling it. I think I did pretty well this go-round. 

My goals were to:
  • Read 1500 pages - I read 1015
  • Read one e-book - Did this! 13 Little Blue Envelopes by Maureen Johnson
  • Read one book that has been on my shelf for over a year - Fade by Lisa McMann
  • Read 2 books for review and write the reviews - read and reviewed one - The Forgetting Curve by Angie Smibert (my review)
  • Participate in some challenges- not a single one, but I did participate in a Twitter chat
  • Have Fun!! - yes, I did. I'd hope to comment on a few more blogs but I can still do that after everyone posts their recaps and wrap-ups.
I ended up reading a total of 5 books, I started one and didn't finish it. I just couldn't get into the story so instead of trudging through it, I moved on to something else.

Books Read:  The Forgetting Curve by Angie Smibert, 13 Little Blue Envelopes by Maureen Johnson, Inexcusable by Chris Lynch, Fade by Lisa McMann, and Gone by Lisa McMann

Not too shabby. I'm looking forward to the next one!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Michael: The Airel Saga Blog Tour

MAY 17th!

Michael, book two in the Airel Saga, is live on Amazon TODAY ONLY for a discounted price!!

To promote Michael I’m hosting a contest where you can win a FREE copy of Airel and win a free Kindle Fire.

To take advantage of this awesome deal, head to Amazon and check out the eBook version of MICHAEL at its promotional price, then see below to enter the contest. Also, leave me a comment on this post. The blogger with the most comments will win the Kindle Fire! If I win, I’ll also get the chance to be part of a special giveaway in the next few months.

Praise for Michael

"Move over Twilight! Here comes Aaron Patterson!" --Joshua Graham, bestselling author of Beyond Justice and Darkroom

"I was surprised by how much I really, really liked this book. I have not jumped on the whole "fallen angel" bandwagon, just as I didn't jump on all of the vampire stories that came out after Twilight. This is not your typical fallen angel story. It is one that has left me breathlessly waiting for the next one in the series. Hurry up please!!!" --Sandra Stiles

Description of Michael

Michael did the unthinkable to save Airel from death, but now he must live with the choices he has made--both good and evil. Tortured by his past and haunted by what he believes might be his future, Michael seeks redemption--but will the past prove to be too strong? How can he break free of it and be the man he longs to be for Airel? If only he had never...

Airel. Michael's one true love. He had forced her to drink in new life only to find that old wounds and deep scars do not heal overnight. Can she truly forgive Michael, can she truly love him? And can he accept that forgiveness? Or is it all for nothing, and has he gone too far already? As the darkness of past choices closes in on them, chases them, intercepts them, coming at them from everywhere at once, how can their love possibly survive?

Aaron Patterson is the author of the best-selling WJA series, as well as two Digital Shorts: 19 and The Craigslist Killer. He was home-schooled and grew up in the west. Aaron loved to read as a small child and would often be found behind a book, reading one to three a day on average. This love drove him to want to write, but he never thought he had the talent. His wife Karissa prodded him to try it, and with this encouragement, he wrote Sweet Dreams, the first book in the WJA series, in 2008. Airel is his first teen series, and plans for more to come are already in the works. He lives in Boise, Idaho with his family, Soleil, Kale and Klayton. His daughter had an imaginary friend named She.

Chris White has an award for reading 750 books in one school year — from the 3rd grade. So yes, he’s more of a nerd than Aaron. Chris loves history, Sherlock Holmes, and anything that’s not virtual, like old motorcycles and mechanical typewriters. He also doesn’t get why we have these things called “smart phones” when all they do is make people dumber. Chris recently celebrated 10 years of marriage with his wife, April, and has two boys: Noah, age 8, and Jaden, age 3, who inspired the Great Jammy Adventure series; the OK-to-color-in picture books. Chris is working on a short story called The Marsburg Diary that will further explore the prologue to Airel, and he is finishing up his first novel, entitled K: phantasmagoria, due out in 2011. Chris has a major crush on Audrey Hepburn, who is now dead. His wife is okay with all of this.

  a Rafflecopter giveaway

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Forgetting Curve by Angie Smibert

The Forgetting Curve
by Angie Smibert
Published by Marshall Cavendish
Available: May 15, 1012
Pages: 202
Source: Publisher

Aiden Nomura likes to open doors—especially using his skills as a hacker—to see what’s hidden inside. He believes everything is part of a greater system: the universe. The universe shows him the doors, and he keeps pulling until one cracks open. Aiden exposes the flaw, and the universe—or someone else—will fix it. It’s like a game.

Until it isn’t.

When a TFC opens in Bern, Switzerland, where Aiden is attending boarding school, he knows things are changing. Shortly after, bombs go off within quiet, safe Bern. Then Aiden learns that his cousin Winter, back in the States, has had a mental breakdown. He returns to the US immediately.

But when he arrives home in Hamilton, Winter’s mental state isn’t the only thing that’s different. The city is becoming even stricter, and an underground movement is growing.

Along with Winter’s friend, Velvet, Aiden slowly cracks open doors in this new world. But behind those doors are things Aiden doesn’t want to see—things about his society, his city, even his own family. And this time Aiden may be the only one who can fix things . . . before someone else gets hurt. (from Goodreads)

My Thoughts

With Memento Nora, author Angie Smibert created an world where you could forget your worries and troubles by simply taking a pill. In The Forgetting Curve the world has changed and has become a place where your thoughts may no longer be your own. Let me just say that the world described in both of these books is a pretty scary place and definitely not a world I would want to live in.

The Forgetting Curve gives some back story to what happened in Memento Nora and some of the characters make an appearance along the way. The Forgetting Curve is more of a companion novel than a sequel as a whole new group of characters are introduced and their stories are told. Of the 3 central characters in Memento Nora, only Winter plays a crucial role in this new saga. 

While reading, I lacked a connection with the characters. I think that may be because the story was more action driven rather than character driven and a lot happened in this novel in a short period of time. Plus there were a lot of characters to who appeared throughout the story but for only short periods of time. One character who I did begin to care about was Velvet - a friend of Winter's who had been implanted with an ID chip (the new forgetting pill). Like Aiden, she was major player in "opening the doors" that the government was trying to keep sealed up.

I hate to admit that this book didn't live up to my expectations. The lack of character connection and even a connection to the story, left me a little disappointed. Memento Nora put the fear in me with the possibility of this future world. I mentioned earlier this isn't a world I would want to live in, but I just didn't see the likelihood that this world could exist. 

BUT I do think that The Forgetting Curve does touch on some interesting ideas. Both Aiden and Velvet question authority and are free-thinkers. They trust their instincts and make hard decisions when there are easier, safer ones to make. 

It has already been announced there will be a third book and I will definitely read it too. The first 2 novels are relatively short so when the third one comes out, I'm likely to read them all together.  While it is not a true sequel, I do suggest that it be read along with Memento Nora. There are so many instances in this book that would only make sense after reading Memento Nora. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes dystopian, science fiction, and conspiracy theory books.

Disclaimer: I requested this book from the publisher and was provided an Advanced Reading Copy in exchange for my honest review. Thoughts and opinions are my own.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Coincidences and Connections (2)

So I'm sitting here reading a book and I come across something that seems familiar. Like I just read that in the previous book. I'm not talking about the plot or the storyline - just little similarities like the name of a character or the state where the book is set. There are just too many coincidences that I couldn't help but share them.

Here are the books:

Purity by Jackson PearceFirst Comes Love by Katie Kacvinsky, Never Enough by Denise Jaden, Purple Daze by Sherry Shahan, How to Be Bad by Lauren Myracle, E. Lockhart, and Sarah Mlynowski, Rules for Hearts by Sara Ryan,  and Zero by Tom Leveen (links to Amazon)

and here are the connections:

Characters like photography:
First Comes Love
Never Enough 

Characters create lists:
Purity - Life List
First Comes Love - Oughta List

Chinese Fire Drill:
Purple Daze
Never Enough

There's a Road Trip:
How to Be Bad
First Comes Love 

Takes place the summer before college:
First Comes Love
The Rule for Hearts

Reptiles make an appearance:
How to Be Bad
First Comes Love

Set in Phoenix, AZ:
First Comes Love

The characters are part of a play:
The Rules for Hearts - character in the play
Never Enough - characters create sets for a play

And the guy of the cover!! 

So I am wondering, does anyone else pick up on these small little details from book to book? I'd love to read your coincidences and connections in the comments, but please don't leave any spoilers. Thanks!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

The Unbearable Book Club for Unsinkable Girls by Julie Schumacher

The Unbearable Book Club for Unsinkable Girls 
by Julie Schumacker
Published by Random House Children's Books
Publication Date: May 8, 2012
Pages: 240
Source: Random House and NetGalley

I'm Adrienne Haus, survivor of a mother-daughter book club. Most of us didn't want to join. My mother signed me up because I was stuck at home all summer, with my knee in a brace. CeeCee's parents forced her to join after cancelling her Paris trip because she bashed up their car. The members of "The Unbearable Book Club," CeeCee, Jill, Wallis, and I, were all going into eleventh grade A.P. English. But we weren't friends. We were literary prisoners, sweating, reading classics, and hanging out at the pool. If you want to find out how membership in a book club can end up with a person being dead, you can probably look us up under mother-daughter literary catastrophe. Or open this book and read my essay, which I'll turn in when I go back to school. (from Goodreads)

My Thoughts

The title alone made me what to read this book. Not even knowing more than what the title revealed, I just knew that I had to read this book. I'm in a book club, which I love, and figured that reading about a book club would probably be a lot of fun too. And it most surely was. The Unbearable Book Club is more that just a light summer read - there were elements of mystery and suspense (and lots of secrets), there is relationship development (between mothers and daughters and forced friendships), and it shows how the books you read can and do affect you.

My favorite parts of the book:

The literary terms - At the beginning of each chapter Adrienne defines a literary term that will in some way allude to what happens in her storytelling.

The many references to a variety of books - This is a book about reading a lot of other books that makes me what to read a lot of the books mentioned in this book. (I wanted to see how many books I could fit in that sentence) Just to name a few: The Awakening by Kate Chopin, Northanger Abbey by Jane Austen (another book about reading books), Frankenstein (I have read this one), The House on Mango Street by Sandra Cisneros. And all of the books mentioned are connected or contribute to the story this is told.

The relationship between Adrienne and her mother - One of the main reasons that Adrienne's mom wanted to start the mother/daughter book club was so they could grow closer and have a stronger connection. What happened instead isn't exactly that and by inviting new people into her daughter's life, more like forcing new people into her life, Adrienne goes beyond herself, changing and becoming even more distant from her mother. But there is always something that keeps them connected - the need for a connection.

Wallis - she is a complete mystery the entire time. It seems that she shows up out of nowhere, inserts herself into the book club and Adrienne's life, and leaves a lasting and very confusing impression. 

After reading this book, it made me think of different reasons why people join a book club. Is it simply to discuss the books that are read, for a sense of community and common interests, or do people join book clubs like CeeCee says - to share each others secrets? Also, I started to think about why we select the books that we do for our book clubs.  Of course these answers will very from book club to book club and from reader to reader.

I've already recommended this book to my book club and would recommend it to other book clubs, not just mother-daughter book clubs, and to anyone who likes to read books about reading books.

Disclaimer: I requested and received the book for review from NetGalley. Thoughts and opinions are my own and I was not compensated in any way for providing a review.

Bout of Books 4.0

Bout of Books Read-a-Thon

Bout of Books 4.0 starts on Monday and I'm looking forward to this low-pressure read-a-thon. For details on signing up, go to Bout of Books and check it out. There will be some challenges, giveaways, and twitter chats. The schedule can be found here.

My Goals
  • Read 1500 pages
  • Read one e-book
  • Read one book that has been on my shelf for over a year
  • Read 2 books for review and write the reviews
  • Participate in some challenges
  • Have Fun!!
Updates - I will post all of my updates here. So that I don't feel bad about myself, I'm going to count the number of pages read instead of total of books. 
Updates format created by Amanda of On a Book Bender.
Number of pages I’ve read today: 53
Total number of pages I’ve read: 53/1500
Books:reading The Forgetting Curve, listening to City of Bones

Number of pages I’ve read today: 73
Total number of pages I’ve read: 126/1500
Books:finished The Forgetting Curve (review)

Number of pages I’ve read today: 43
Total number of pages I’ve read: 169/1500
Books: started Airel (DNF)

Number of pages I’ve read today: 91
Total number of pages I’ve read: 260/1500
 Books: started 13 Little Blue Envelopes

Number of pages I’ve read today: 20
Total number of pages I’ve read: 280/1500
Books:continued reading 13 Little Blue Envelopes

Number of pages I've read today: 473
Total number of pages I've read:  753/1500
Books: finished 13 Little Blue Envelopes, read Inexcusable, started Fade

Number of pages I've read today: 262
Total number of pages I've read:  1015/1500
Books: finished Fade, read Gone

Saturday, May 12, 2012

And the Winners Are . . .

I need to announce the winners of quite a few giveaways. The winners have already been contacted by email and most have either claimed or received their prizes.

BookWedge Winner - Amanda from Letters Inside Out

No Strings Attached Hop Winner - Natasha

Going Under e-book Winner -  Jen

First Comes Love Winner - Pam R.

Congratulations to all of the winners!!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Waiting on Wednesday: The Believing Game

"Waiting On" Wednesday is a weekly event, hosted by Jill at Breaking the Spine, that spotlights upcoming releases that we're eagerly anticipating.

This week's pre-publication "can't-wait-to-read" selection is:

The Believing Game
by Eireann Corrigan
Publisher: Scholastic Press
Publication Date: December 1, 2012

A private academy. A cult leader. A girl caught in the middle.

After Greer Cannon discovers that shoplifting can be a sport and sex can be a superpower, her parents pack her up and send her off to McCracken Hill-a cloistered academy for troubled teens. At McCracken, Greer chafes under the elaborate systems and self-help lingo of therapeutic education. Then Greer meets Addison Bradley. A handsome, charismatic local, Addison seems almost as devoted to Greer as he is to the 12 steps. When he introduces Greer to his mentor Joshua, she finds herself captivated by the older man's calm wisdom. Finally, Greer feels understood.

But Greer starts to question: Where has Joshua come from? What does he want in return for his guidance? The more she digs, the more his lies are exposed. When Joshua's influence over Addison edges them all closer to danger, Greer decides to confront them both. Suddenly, she finds herself on the outside of Joshua's circle. And swiftly, she discovers it's not safe there.
(from NetGalley)

I'm always happy when I find out about a new book by Eireann Corrigan. Her verse memoir You Remind Me of You, knocked me off my feet. The style was so different and her story was so moving that it stayed with me over the years. She's an author that I'd love for more people to know about and read her books. 

Monday, May 7, 2012

Spring Blog Carnival 2012 - The Karaoke Booth

Welcome to the Spring Blog Carnival 
Karaoke Booth

I love books and music. I love books about bands, musicians, singers - and their muses. I love them so much I'm giving away books about bands!

a choice of one book about music, bands, musicians, singers - and their muses

Imagine a character from a book you've read enters the Karaoke Booth. Tell me the song they would sing and why they chose that song. Enter by leaving a comment. Make sure to include the character's name, the title of the book they appear in and the song they would sing and why.

Must be 13 or older to enter
Open to US addresses only
One entry per person
Provide an email or twitter name with your comment so I can notify you  
Challenge ends11:59 p.m. on 5/13/2012
Winner will be selected using

To get you started, here's my challenge example:
When Jacob is trying to decide if he can be friends with Bella again at the beginning of Eclipse, I could imagine him scream-singing "Whataya Want from Me" at Bella. He can't decide if he wants to make up with her and is confused by their relationship because he thinks she may want more but she can't admit it to him or to herself. The playful side of Jacob, and the part of him that wants to make up with Bella, just might even sport some Adam Lambert guy-liner. 

The Spring Blog Carnival is hosted by Lori from Pure Imagination, Candace from Candace’s Book Blog, and Angela from Reading Angel.

Here are of the other blogs participating in the carnival. Have Fun!!

1.Haunted House Booth at Reading Angel  
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44. Horse Racing Booth at Hope, Love, and Happy Endings  
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46. Magic Booth at Some Like it Paranormal  
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50. Things That Go Bump in the Night Booth at Sweeping Me  
51. Graviton Booth at Lovely Lit  
52. Rummage Sale Booth at Watercolor Moods  
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