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Review: MIA AND THE BAD BOY by Lisa Burstein

by Lisa Burstein
Publication Date: May 19, 2015
Published by Entangled Crush
Pages: 220
Source: Good Choice Reading Promotions via Netgalley
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from Goodreads

This good girl’s about to meet her match…

Ryder Brooks is living the dream—he’s famous, loved by millions of girls, and miserable. All he really wants is to write his own music, not Seconds to Juliet’s sugary sweet pop. In order to do that, though, the “bad boy” of the band will have to play by the rules. And that includes behaving with his new—and super cute—├╝ber-good-girl tutor.

Mia Reyes is in fangirl heaven. Tutoring her favorite member of her favorite band? It’s a dream come true…until it turns into a complete nightmare. Ryder is nothing like she thought. He’s crude, arrogant, and pretty much a total jerk. And the worst part? She’s roped into pretending to be his girlfriend so that no one finds out he’s being tutored. Fake kisses, plenty of PDA, and even sharing his hotel room…

But sometimes even the baddest of bad boys needs a little redemption.

My Thoughts

Warning: Reading the Backstage Pass series will lead to endless hours of watching your favorite boy band videos on YouTube.

When I found out that Lisa Burstein was writing a new YA novel, this author fangirl did a fist pump to more books from a favorite author. When I found out that the book was about boy bands and fangirls and it would be part of a series, I did a giddy happy dance because I knew that this would be such a "me" book. And it is. I loved it!!

Mia and the Bad Boy is the second book of the Backstage Pass series. I got a glimpse of Ryder's bad boy side in Aimee and the Heartthrob where his bad boy image was established. In Mia and the Bad Boy, he tries to be the bad boy (because he does have a naughty side), but readers find out that there is more to the persona he puts on.

From Mia and Ryder's first meeting, their chemistry is on! I loved the banter, the feistiness between them, and their undeniable attraction to each other. They each had an image that they needed to keep up, but whenever they were together, they unknowingly let their guards and let their true selves come through. 

Mia and the Bad Boy is more than just a story about teenage romance and first kisses and swoon-worthy boys. It's about following dreams while trying to live up to your family's expectations. It's about letting people know who you really are when you've had your guard up for so long. It's about taking chances and making the impossible possible.

This series is for any teenage (or former teenage) fangirl or fanboy. It's for anyone who ever covered their walls with posters of their favorite bands. It's for readers who spent countless hours reading Teen, Bop, and Tigerbeat to get a glimpse into the lives of their favorite musicians.

I have immense love for Mia and Ryder. Their story is fun and innocently sexy. (Yes, that's a thing.) I love how Burstein infuses so much humor into her stories while filling up a small space in your heart. Reading Mia and the Bad Boy will make you laugh and smile and then laugh some more. It will make you want to eat a corn dog.

Disclaimer:  I received this e-ARC from Good Choice Reading via Netgalley in exchange for my honest review.  I was not compensated in any way other than the e-ARC provided. Thoughts and opinions are my own.

About the Author Burstein is a tea seller by day and a writer by night. She received her MFA in Creative Writing from the Inland Northwest Center for Writers at Eastern Washington University and is glad to finally have it be worth more than the paper it was printed on. She lives in Portland, Oregon with her very patient husband, a neurotic dog and two cats.

She wrote her first story when she was in second grade. It was a Thanksgiving tale from the point of view of the turkey from freezer to oven to plate. It was scandalous.

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Let’s bring this world a little closer together! Please join us in saying HELLO! and spread good cheer across the globe.

See Liza’s short video for details:

From April 14th to June 1st, 2015, we would like people to post a picture (it can be an individual, group, something meaningful) with a sign that says Hello From ___________(the city name.)

Use #HelloFrom and the name of your city with a separate #. Post on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and/or Tumblr.

For each person you tag, it will be an extra entry. We want to encourage others to say hello and post their own pictures, tagging others to participate too!

#HelloFrom #Blacksburg #Virginia

20 lucky people will randomly be selected from all over the world to win prize packages that include items inspired by Hello?. Many were purchased from artists/stores from Door Country, WI, the setting for the novel.

Pottery from Renee Schwaller Off the Wheel Pottery
Lavender products from Lavender & Lemon
Body products from Door County’s Heaven Scent Gardens
Pottery by John T. Dietrich Ellison Bay Pottery
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Blank greeting cards with scenes from Washington Island, Wisconsin. Photos by Steve Waldron
And much more!

Hello? By Liza Wiemer
Publication Date: October 27, 2015
By Spencer Hill Contemporary
About Hello?

Tricia: A girl struggling to find her way after her beloved grandma’s death.
Emerson: A guy who lives his life to fulfill promises, real and hypothetical.
Angie: A girl with secrets she can only express through poetry.
Brenda: An actress and screenplay writer afraid to confront her past.
Brian: A potter who sets aside his life for Tricia, to the detriment of both.

Linked and transformed by one phone call, Hello? weaves together these five Wisconsin teens’ stories into a compelling narrative of friendship and family, loss and love, heartbreak and healing, serendipity, and ultimately hope.

What readers are saying

“In Hello?, Liza Wiemer beautifully weaves together a moving story told by authentic characters, tackling important subjects that will deeply touch the reader.”
—Elizabeth Eulberg, author of Better Off Friends and Lonely Hearts Club

"A sensitive and deeply-drawn portrait of five teenagers whose lives intersect in ways both obvious and surprising. Liza Wiemer's characters are so real they leap off the page."
—Leah Cypess, author of Death Sworn series

"In her YA debut, Liza Wiemer has officially launched herself on the map with grace. Hello? is a powerful and brilliantly woven story of love, loss, and human connection that makes you believe in the world again. It owned my heart from the first page to the last. One of the most original books EVER.”
—Hannah McBride, The Irish Banana

About Liza

Liza married the guy who literary swept her off her feet at a Spyro Gyra concert. Their love story can be found on Liza's “About” page. Besides being a die-hard Packer fan, Liza is also a readaholic, a romantic, and a lover of crazy socks and rooftops. Hello? is her debut YA novel. She also has had two adult non-fiction books published, as well as stories and articles in various publications. She's a graduate of UW-Madison with a degree in Education and the mother of two sons.

Find Liza Online
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Blog Tour: Under the Spotlight by Angie Stanton - Excerpt and Giveaway

Under the Spotlight 
Jamieson Brothers Novel #3
by Angie Stanton
Publication Date: May 5, 2015
Published by HarperTeen
400 Pages

After an embarrassing stint on a reality-TV music competition years ago, Riley vowed never to sing again. Now she's behind thescenes, working at the prestigious Sound Sync recording studio, and life is looking up. But then Garrett Jamieson, the oldest brother in the famous Jamieson brothers band, crashes into her world.
Garrett has hit rock bottom, and he is desperate to reinvent himself. After calling in a few favors, he ends up working at Sound Sync to learn the ropes of record producing from the industry's best. And he can't believe his luck when he discovers that Riley has been keeping a secret—she is an amazing singer. By producing her album, he's sure to top the record charts again. But Garrett is forced to use every trick in his arsenal to persuade the sassy girl to record.

Riley refuses to sing—or even entertain the thought of it—and sparks fly as Garrett finally meets his match. But in the heat of themoment, one stolen kiss changes everything. Will Riley be the first person to finally rein Garrett in, or will Garrett succeed in getting Riley back under the spotlight?

Purchased Links

Chapter 1

Garrett’s head pounded, and not from the hangover that would greet him with the sunrise, but from being slammed against the wall. Or maybe it was from the few punches that came later when he crashed to the floor of Ye Ole Boston Brew Pub and knocked his head on the beer-stained tile.
He rubbed his unshaven face, and dried blood flaked into his hand. Great. He needed a shower and an aspirin, but the Boston city jail offered neither. Where the hell was Peter? It had been over an hour.
The sharp edge of the narrow bench he lay on cut into his back, making his already battered body even more sore. He only hoped the other guy felt worse. The jerk had the audacity to call him washed up. For Christ’s sake, he was only twenty-two. He’d accomplished more in the last five years than that asshole would in a lifetime.
Reaching for his phone, he remembered the cops had taken it, along with his wallet and keys. Damn it.
“Garrett Jamieson,” a bored cop with thinning hair announced, unlocking the cell. “You’re free to go.”
“About damn time,” Garrett huffed, rising slowly. He tugged his shirt into place, smoothed back his hair, and followed the officer down a long corridor past several cells with other perps. He couldn’t wait to get away from this hellhole. The officer opened a solid metal security door, and Garrett walked through, relieved to be free.
In the far corner of the waiting room, studying the Most Wanted posters, his brother waited, wearing faded jeans and a gray T-shirt.
“Hey Peter,” he called. “See anyone you know?”
Peter turned with a smirk on his face and his hair still ruffled from bed. “Just checking to make sure your ugly mug isn’t up here.”
Garrett sneered. “It wasn’t my fault.”
“Never is.” Peter sighed. “You realize this is becoming an annoying habit. You’re lucky your Jag is still in the shop from your crash last week, otherwise you might have added drunk driving to your record.”
“Stop acting like an old woman.”
“You have more to worry about than me. Dad isn’t going to be happy about this.”
“No reason Dad needs to hear about it.”
“You’re kidding yourself if you think you can keep this under wraps. A couple of photographers are outside. You’re busted. Again.”
Garrett stepped to the counter and signed his discharge papers.
“At least I know how to live a little. You’re tied down to a ball and chain.”
His brother grinned with a smile that melted millions of young girls’ hearts. “Well, I happen to have the hottest ball and chain on the planet.”
Garrett rolled his eyes as he collected his personal effects. Peter was so in love it made Garrett ill. It’s not like he wasn’t glad for his brother, but Peter and Libby were so damned happy all the time, he wanted to puke.
“Yeah, and you’re missing out on the best years of your life,” Garrett snapped.
“How’s that? I’ve been watching you drink yourself into oblivion, rack up speeding tickets, and pick a fight every chance you get. You don’t look too happy to me.”
“You ever think that maybe you’re to blame?”
“How do you figure that?” Peter asked, opening the door to exit the police station and ducking his head as cameras flashed.
“Seriously?” Garrett stopped suddenly. “You’re the one who broke up the band.”

Enter to Win a $25.00 Amazon Gift Card

Angie Stanton Bio:

Angie Stanton never planned on writing books—she wanted to be a Rockette. However, growing up in rural America with her brothers’ 4-H pigs as pets, she found that dance didn’t quite work out. Instead, she became an avid daydreamer. After years of perfecting stories in her head, she began to write them down, and the rest is history. When not writing, she loves watching natural disaster movies, going to Broadway musicals, and dipping French fries in chocolate shakes.

Find Angie Online

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SHADE Series Read-along - June 1 - 30


I've wanted to reread this series for quite a while and now is just as good a time as any.

Team Kilt put together one heck of a Shade series read-along marathon a few years back and we’re put all their hard work to good use again.

During the month of June, a bunch of us are going to read (or re-read) Shade, Shift, Shine, Bridge, and Shattered together. This isn’t a formal event by any means, just a bunch of fans that miss the Shade world. Hope you’ll join us!

 Shade, Shift, Shine

Bridge, Shattered

Created by Judy G.

Here’s a suggested reading schedule to keep you on track to complete the entire series during the month of June. You certainly don’t have to follow this, but we’ll share a special post about each section on the days listed on this schedule. Watch the #ShadeReadAlong hashtag on Twitter to see these special posts and to chat with other fans participating in the read-along.

06/01/15 – Read-Along begins
06/03/15 -- SHADE Ch 1-11
06/05/15 -- SHADE Ch 12-18
06/08/15 -- SHADE Ch 18 - SHIFT Ch 4
06/10/15 -- SHIFT Ch 5-12
06/12/15 -- SHIFT Ch 13-20
06/15/15 -- SHIFT Ch 21 - End
06/17/15 -- SHINE Ch 1-11
06/19/15 -- SHINE Ch 12-20
06/22/15 -- SHINE Ch 21-32
06/24/15 -- SHINE Ch 33- End
06/26/15 -- BRIDGE
06/30/15 – SHATTERED

We hope your reading schedule will allow you to join us for this fabulous event. 

Created by Marissa O. (aka Bionic Elbow)


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