Friday, March 1, 2013

March Madness Writing, Reading, and Blogging Challenge

image by Kelsey Macke

IF YOU ARE like me AND you need a boost, a kick in the pants, want to get real with yourself, or want to be a part of a fun community setting a common goal, then March Madness is for you! Author Denise Jaden invites Writers, Readers, Illustrators, and Bloggers to challenge themselves all month long to do more by setting goals and being accountable. Denise says, "Accountability is our main aim and the more support we have, the easier it will be to sail on through the month of March, bouncing along on each others successes!" 

To find out all of the details of March Madness #WIPMadness, go to
For my March Madness Challenge, I want to write more reviews (I usually write 3 a month) and make some long overdue updates to my blog. 

Here are my goals:

Write 4-6 overdue reviews, including but not limited to:

  • The Goodbye Quilt
  • The Namesake 
  • Scarred Lions
  • Thrill Seekers
  • Live Through This
  • What Boys Really Want
  • Geography Club
  • The Elephant of Surprise 

Schedule Blog Tour Posts (5 pending)

Make some blog updates:

  • Redesign!!
  • Fix comment reply option
  • Add Follow Me options
  • Write new Love My Indie invitation post


  1. Oh I'm review The Geography Club and The Elephant of Surprise! I can't wait to do that! I'll send you my copy of Notes from Ghost Town if you don't win the contest (you get Butterfly Clues if you win). I don't need it back so you can read it at you leisure but it's a quick read. I'm also getting a blog redesign in April. I'm having someone do it. I'm up to date on my reviews but I have one NetGalley book that is behind on reading and reviewing. And I'm up to date on providing feedback to them. YAY! The panic button is not being pushed yet. Do you feel that way? Like if you haven't got posts daily or you've got reviews due you're under the gun? I swear I stress myself out like it's a job or something. I WISH we got paid.

    Good luck! I'll let you know if you win the contest!

    1. I checked out Geography Club from my library. (Oh how I love my library) I like to have the physical copies for reviews. I'm still backed up on reviews (as noted above) but I've also cut back on accepting the offers. I have some that I'm embarrassed to admit as WAY OVERDUE, but we do what we can.

      I'd love to read Notes from Ghost Town, I hope that I'm the winner!

  2. Awesome to have you with us for March Madness! Good luck with all your goals! :)

    1. Thanks! I hope to cross many of them off by the end of the month!


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