Monday, January 6, 2014

Review: Camp Christmas by J.K. Rock

Camp Christmas 
by J.K. Rock
Novella #1.5
Publication date:  December 17, 2013
Published by Spencer Hill Contemporary
Genre: Young Adult 

 From Goodreads
Hannah never meant to be a mean girl – at Camp Juniper Point or at her high school. It just sort of happened during one painful year when her parents split and her life fell apart. Who knew being mad at the world would catapult her to popularity? But since changing the status quo would make her some serious enemies, she’s prepared to ride out her time until graduation. That is, until a camp friend calls her on the act during their school ski trip. Will Julian out her to her friends? Or will the guy she once accused of being King of the Nerds make her wish she was a whole lot more like him?

My Thoughts

I like to read seasonally (if a book is set in the winter, I read it in the winter. If it is set in the summer, I read it in the summer), so even though Christmas has passed, readers will still enjoy this winter story.

I love novel companion stories and novellas and Camp Christmas lets readers get to know more about Hannah who first appeared in Camp Boyfriend. Camp Christmas gave me more insight to how Hannah became the mean girl, why she stayed the mean girl, and why it's a reputation she wants to shake but isn't sure if she can. Through the story, we see the power of secrets and the power in secrets. 

Readers also get to know about Camp Boyfriend's supporting character Julian. Honestly I didn't remember much about him from book, but I got to know him here and he was a fun character to read. He's smart and witty and has that special something that you want to know more about (and Hannah did too). He's the kind of guy you want to have around with things get crazy.

I really enjoyed Camp Christmas and it makes me want to read even more books by J.K Rock.

Disclaimer:  I obtained this book as a free download from Spencer Hill Contemporary.  I was not compensated in any way. Thoughts and opinions are my own.


  1. I love the idea of reading books seasonally. I rarely think about what season is taking place in books. :)

    1. I save all of my books set in the summer for the warm months. Maybe I should considering reading them in this cold winter weather, it could warm me up!

  2. Sooo appreciate you posting your thoughts on Camp Christmas, Joli!! Wishing you a fabulous 2014!! <3


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