Friday, May 2, 2014

Finally, Forever: 10 Things You Should Know about Gray and Dylan

Welcome to the Finally, Forever Blog Tour. 
I'm thrilled to participate and share this long awaited title with all of you.
Finally, Forever is the new adult book by Katie Kacvinsky, available May 9th . Finally, Forever can be read as a stand-alone novel (this is true, I've read it!) but is the third book of the First Come Love series. Katie gave me two of my favorite characters, Gray and Dylan. You must meet them too. Here are some things you need to know about them.

10 Things You Should Know About Gray and Dylan 
1. Gray is a college baseball player, Dylan is a traveling vagabond and photographer.

2. Gray is cynical, Dylan sees everything through a positive lens.

3. Gray is loyal, Dylan has a problem settling in one place.

4. Dylan doesn’t wear make-up, she loves beat-up clothes (and cars) and sometimes forgets to shower.

5. Dylan’s addiction is traveling, Gray’s addiction is Dylan.

6. Dylan’s motto is to make the most out of every moment. Gray’s motto is to survive the moment.

7. Gray is from the desert (Arizona). Dylan is from the cold (Wisconsin).

8. Gray sees life as a music soundtrack and he is the musical supervisor. Dylan sees life as a constant image to try and capture.

9. Dylan lives her life with her heart opened wide. Gray builds walls around is heart and is careful who he lets in.

10. Dylan and Gray each have one regret: They let someone amazing slip through their fingers.

Finally, Forever
by Katie Kacvinsky
Available May 9, 2014

College baseball player, Gray Thomas, had to go far out into left field to find a girl like Dylan, the ex-love-of-his-life. More than a year later, literally at a crossroads, they find each other together on a journey that is a pause between a painful past and an uncertain future. In this sexy and offbeat summer read, Gray and Dylan discover that a destination isn't always a place. More often, it's a person. Now it's time for them to finally decide, is this forever?

Find out if they will finally get their forever.

Available May 9th.


  1. Oh, if someone asked me that and I was in love with him it would break me!! I'm waiting for you to tell me if it has an HEA. Oh, I sense a lot of drama.

    1. Heather, do you have any of these books? Check your shelves (and Kindle) if not, let me know! :-)


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