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Review: GAIA, Wings of War #2 by Karen Ann Hopkins

Wings of War #2
by Karen Ann Hopkins
Publication Date: August 3, 2015
Pages: 295
Source: Kismet Book Touring and Author
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Watchers and Angels are at war. Which side will Ember choose?

Humankind is on the precipice of the apocalypse. 

As the Demons grow bolder and the walls between the planes of existence weaken, Ember is forced to develop her powers as quickly as possible, and she seeks out a powerful earth Watcher to continue her supernatural lessons. Her glimpse of the future demands she fight the dark forces spreading across the earth.

But her new mentor has his own agenda, making her question everyone and everything she ever trusted.

When Ember is thrust into the world of the Watchers, she learns of their plans—ones that defy the scripture and make them enemies of the Celestial Host. Ridding the world of evil gets complicated when it becomes impossible to take sides. 

As Ember struggles with morality, she soon discovers that there’s something more frightening than anything she’s faced before.

My Thoughts

When I finished EMBERS, book one of The Wings of War series, I couldn't wait to get the next book. Embers ended with the introduction of a new character who was POWERFUL. I needed to know what role he was going to play in Ember's life. Needless to say, he stirred it up! GAIA started out fast paced with a lot of action. Ember and her friends are placed in even more dangerous situations and have to think quickly and make life-saving decisions. My anxiety levels were high as I read these heart-pounding scenes.

Characters from book one reentered the story and we got to know more about the life that Ember escaped. Many new characters were introduced as Ember's world expands and she realizes that she is just one part of something grander. There were a lot of new characters to keep track of and I was always cautious of who was a friend or a foe. It wasn't always so obvious. Everyone had their own agendas, but her friends always proved to be loyal and I loved how they were all protective of each other. 

Like my reaction to Ember and Sawyer's relationship in book one, I wanted more "normal" interactions - if that is even possible - between them. Everything is heightened because of the circumstances of their relationship. I think I just need to accept that the danger and peril is the nature of the story (and stop trying to fit it into the mold of a contemporary young adult romance. That's a different book!) One of my favorite quotes is during a moment as they are about to face danger all around them: "I'd rather die with you than be left behind without you." See! The drama!

I enjoyed reading GAIA just as much as EMBERS. It is a thrilling follow-up. Before finishing it, I found out that there would be a third book in the series so I expected a cliffhanger ending. It did end with one, but it wasn't so major that it left me frustrated. (Honestly I don't mind cliffhangers). And of course it left me wanting to know more. I'm interested to see how Ember embraces her powers and her role in the war between the Angels and Watchers. I can't wait!

Disclaimer:  I received this e-book from the author and Kismet Book Touring in exchange for my honest review.  I was not compensated in any way other than the e-book provided. Thoughts and opinions are my own.

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