Friday, August 4, 2017

TRUST FUND and LOVE WAS NEAR - Movie and Book Feature/Giveaway

I'm happy to present you with this new family drama TRUST FUND and its companion novel LOVE WAS NEAR by Sandra Martin. Watch the trailer and then enter for a chance to win the DVD/Book Combo Prize Pack.

Written and directed by Sandra L. Martin and produced by Isaac Alongi, TRUST FUND tells the story of Reese Donahue (Jessica Rothe) a young aspiring writer from Chicago. She’s spent her whole life working hard to keep from working, living the life everyone wishes they had. Until she discovers the secret that forces her to choose between the predestined life that she knows so well and what appears to be the destiny her mother wanted her to have. She’s lured into betraying her father and chasing after a life she dreams is better than the one she already has. When Reese returns home with nothing but regret, the forgiveness of her father teaches her what it means to love.

The film captures it all, deceit, greed, jealousy, lust, love, grace, forgiveness, redemption and purpose. What more could you ask for in a family film!?

For more information about TRUST FUND, please visit:

Twitter: @TrustFundMovie

In addition to the home video release, Martin wrote the YA novel LOVE WAS NEAR, which gives young adult fans a chance to find out what happened outside the screen and fills in the missing pieces from the film. Readers find out exactly what Reese is thinking in her book as they are transported along on a very personal journey. As she sprinkles in childhood memories with her everyday struggles they will discover what happened in the Donahue family before the movie begins. Reese shares her dreams and confessions, then asks fans to share theirs as they answer questions about their identity, purpose, and life plan. Reese is ready to forget some of the things she’s done, but before she slams this chapter of her life shut, she takes a final glance back and finds she still has plenty to learn about life, love and the risk of trusting others.

LOVE WAS NEAR by Sandra Martin
Publish Date: July 18, 2017
Publisher: Mapelle Books
Pages: 232

Watch the trailer for TRUST FUND

Sandra Martin is a native of Kansas City, where she raised her two children and now lives with her husband and her writing partner, Elle, a black Maine Coon cat. She’s a self-confessed optimistic introvert who believes beauty and art are all around her and love resides in small everyday acts.

PRIZE: DVD of TRUST FUND and a copy of LOVE WAS NEAR by Sandra Martin
US Address only
Must be 18 or older to enter

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