Friday, July 12, 2019

Release Day Review: FIRST AND FOREVER by Jay McLean

by Jay McLean
Publication Date: July 12, 2019
Pages: 390
Source: Author | Purchased

About the book:

First and Forever is the second book in the Heartache Duet, and must be read after Heartache and Hope.

Ava Diaz needs saving.
She just doesn’t know it yet.
Just like she doesn’t know a thing about the boy she sits next to on the first day of senior year.
He thinks she’s a brat.
She thinks he’s entitled.
Maybe first impressions don’t always last…
Because Connor Ledger’s about to save her.
He just doesn’t know why.

My Thoughts

FIRST AND FOREVER, the second part of the Heartache Duet, is just as wonderful and moving as HEARTACHE AND HOPE.  The love between Connor and Ava is still there, and it is so intense and overwhelming and it's exciting to get to experience it all with them. What I love most is the friendship and the care that they have for one another that brought them together in the first place is what brings them together again (not a spoiler, I mean Forever is in the title).

There are more moments of laughter and lightness and just Connor and Ava just being teenagers - when they aren't feeling the pressures life has placed on them. I enjoy the many ways this book brought a smile to my face and made me laugh out loud. And Connor for sure tells one of the funniest jokes that I've ever read. It was easy to vision how this scene all went down and I crack up just thinking about.

Ways this book made me happy:
  • The public declaration of Connor 4 Ava
  • Ava's signature way of cheering on Connor
  • They have this tender habit of kissing the inside of their love's wrist 
  • Reconnected friendships 
  • The acknowledgment that communication is necessary 

FIRST AND FOREVER has one of those memorable scenes that when you think about this book, you'll return to this scene and pick up the book, flip to that page and then find yourself rereading the book all over again. 

With the Heartache Duet, Jay McLean balances the heavy with the hopeful and the loss with the love and gives us characters who find their happily ever after. A new favorite.

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