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Review: ALL THE RIGHT NOTES by Dominic Lim


Publication Date: June 6, 2023
Publisher: Forever
Pages: 384
Source: Purchased |



​In this hilarious and joyous rom com, sparks fly when a piano genius and a Hollywood heartthrob are thrown together for a charity performance of solos, heartfelt duets, and a big, showstopping finale.

Quito Cruz might be a genius piano player and composer in New York City now but it doesn’t mean that he’s any closer to his Broadway dream. Although Quito knows what the problem is. Or rather who . Because ever since that night in college—with pretty-boy jock Emmett Aoki—his inspiration has been completely MIA . . .

Now Quito’s dad wants him to put on a charity performance in his hometown. And there’s one hella big string convince Emmett—now one of Hollywood’s hottest celebrities—to perform.

It’s all shaping up to be the biggest musical fiasco of Quito’s life. Especially when Emmett agrees to attend, and Quito realizes that undeniable vibe between them is stronger than ever. Because there’s nothing simple about falling for a movie star . . . even when he’s pitch-perfect.


Dominic Lim did exactly what he intended to do when writing ALL THE RIGHT NOTES and left this reader with a song in my heart as I continue to spontaneously sing True Colors around my house. As a former choir kid and someone who enjoys a heartfelt, second chance romantic comedy, ALL THE RIGHT NOTES gets all of the stars and endless hearts from me. 

I was fascinated with Quito by his observations and descriptions immediately. I enjoyed seeing his view of his world around him. And he has a habit of rhyming when he’s nervous that is so endearing and that one habit reveals a lot of who he is. Emmett is adorable with his winking and smirks that you can’t help but have a crush on him. In the beginning, we don’t know what has happened that keeps them apart. Yet, the moment that they see each other again and Emmett is stunned into silence, it’s obvious that there is a lot left unspoken, but there’s something still between them that is undeniable. 

There is so much that I loved about the book:

  • The timeline of the THEN and the NOW

  • The rehearsals with Quito and Emmett allows for a closeness to their new friendship and showed the vulnerability and acceptance

  • The relationship between Quito and his father. Mr. C. charmed me with how played match-maker and how he saw exactly who his son was and all that he could be

  • All of the friendships and community and the roles that they all filled in each other’s lives

For all of the smiles and laughs ALL THE RIGHT NOTES gave me, it does take an emotional turn (one that wasn’t completely unexpected to me) . Readers should take notice of the content warnings as there are some topics that may be difficult for some and  they may need to take care with themselves while or after they’ve finished reading. 

I enthusiastically sing my praises for this book and hope that others discover the delight of reading (listening) to this story just as much as I did. As soon as I started listening to ALL THE RIGHT NOTES, I was so thrilled that I bought the audiobook because of the musical aspect and how the narrator’s performance drew me in. And now that I’ve finished it, I know that I will need the paperback too. Because, like Quito’s sheet music, I need the physical copy for the gift that exists within the covers.    

I purchased a finished copy of this title for for my personal library. 
Thoughts and opinions are my own.

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