Saturday, April 16, 2011

I Rocked the Drop

On Thursday I Rocked the Drop! Along with readergirlz, Figment, and many authors, bloggers and readers, I dropped off books around my community for Support Teen Literature Day. In previous years, I always planned to do it but never have. Luckily with all of the tweets, this year it didn't slip past - I just had a late start. It was such a beautiful day that I didn't have to worry about books getting ruined by the rain. (A day later and there would have been some trouble).

My first drop was at the local family owned Gardner's Ice Cream Shop. It wasn't packed with people when I got there, but as I was driving away, there were several cars pulling into the lot.

The next drop was at Sonic drive-in. There usually are a lot of teenagers there, but as I pulled in and parked, the one family dining in the patio area got up and to leave. I few people watched from their cars but I didn't stick around long enough to see if anyone when and took the book.

I hopped back in my car and considered the next place to drop the next book. Our parks are pretty small and draw a younger crowd, so I didn't go there. As I was driving, I passed the skate park and thought that would be an awesome place to leave a book. But I couldn't figure out how to actually get to the skate park, so I just kept driving until I reached the

Parks and Recreation Center which was the third scene of the drop. It was filled with teens and I hoped that someone would have snatched it up. I should have stayed, but it was getting late and getting dark and had one more book to drop.

My last last drop was a Cold Stone. It was such a nice day, and it seemed everyone was out getting ice cream, I thought this was a perfect spot. I felt a little silly as a group of people watched me drop the book and take a picture and then walk away. But maybe, just maybe, one of them went over a picked up their free book.

This was so much fun and my only wish is that I would have taken more books to drop around town. I know next year I will prepare around of time and have a lot more books!

To check all of other places people dropped books, head over to readergirlz blog Photo Op. They are posting pictures, tweets, comments and videos.

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