Friday, October 8, 2010

The Friday Five (8)

Here, I recap my week with connections to books I am reading, have read, want to read and other random musings.

1. The movie I Love You, Beth Cooper started showing this week on HBO. As much as I want to like the movie, I just can't. Larry Doyle's novel is just so awesome that the movie adaptation just ruins it. Now, if  I hadn't read the book first, maybe I could appreciate the few chuckles I emitted. But it pales in comparison to the full-on belly laughs, and OMG moments I had while reading the book. I Love You, Beth Cooper - read the book, skip the movie. 

2. If you haven't yet, please check out my poll asking What Do You Purchase Books I am getting ready to host my first giveaway and the information gathered from the poll will help!

3. Currently Reading: Perfect World by Brian James

4. Soon to leave the shelf: Freefall by Mindi Scott - This is the next book I am reading for The Contemps Challenge which you can still sign up for here

5. Random Musings: How much time do you spend blogging? Writing blogs, reading blogs, thinking about what you are going to write or present on your blog. I'm just curious.

Thanks for visiting and have a happy Friday!

The Friday Five is inspired by Sarah Dessen's blog on LiveJournal. I've been following this blog the longest and love how she recaps her week with the Friday Five, now called The Five.

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