Sunday, March 6, 2011

Funniest Comment Ever

AKA We All Have a Past

So I'm checking the comments for this week's posts and about died when I read this one. It was in response to my Top Ten Tuesday - Books I Just Had to Have But Haven't Read Yet.

Chuck DiRico said...
So I was at the local Borders and picked up “When I Was a Loser: True Stories of (Barely) Surviving High School.” It was such an impulse buy, but I just knew I had to have it. I too enjoy confessional writing because it makes it so much easier to relate to the authors. Whatever the style, I knew I would relate to this book because my high school yrs. were troubling for me as well. For instance, one year these crazy girls ripped the buttons off of my shirt and cut pieces of hair off of my head. To beat it all, the teacher got mad at me and sent me to the office for making a mess with my own hair. Another time, these two particularly mean girls, Nickee5? and JW? or something, came up from behind me and knocked all of my books out of my hands. To make it worse, they proceeded to step on all of my homework with their muddy shoes before I could even pick it up. Anyhow, after years of therapy, anti-depressant cocktails, and reading When I Was a Loser, I finally feel “whole” again.

Nice message board, BTW.

He couldn't be talking about me because I don't remember it happening like this at all. I just remember some creative tattoos with highlighters in English class. Thanks Chuck D for making me laugh. I'm glad the book helped and you feel "whole" again. I had no idea you were following my blog. That's love.
Disclaimer: I was not a mean girl and remain friends with Chuck D to this day. I just wanted to share a little bit about where the "Actin' Up" comes from. :)


  1. You've received an award on my blog!

  2. Oh how convenient that you don't remember the hair cutting incident. Keep up the good work on the blog JW!


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