Friday, March 18, 2011

TGIF: Cover Lust

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This Friday's Question:
Cover Lust: 
Which book covers are you lusting after right now?

I am drawn to books with hearts on the cover. These are some of my latest favorites. I  like how  they appear to be simple, but they are very revealing of the story that is told. The sea glass against the stressed boardwalk on the cover of Twenty Boy Summer is my favorite.




  1. I think Recovery Road is one of my fav covers too :-) Plus I really liked that story too!

    Thanks for joining TGIF this week & happy reading!

  2. I'm also drawn to the covers with hearts on them! But I don't typically lust after them. Although Twenty Boy Summer's cover is pretty awesome... and pretty! :]

  3. I'm typically not influenced by covers with hearts on them, but I can't deny Twenty Boy Summer has a book cover that is catching my eye!
    (Rhyme not intended!)

  4. Have you seen the cover for Forbidden by Tabitha Suzuma?
    The chained heart is so apt for it.

  5. In addition to bookwurrm's Forbidden, I'd add But I Love Him (Amanda Grace & Mandy Hubbard), A Map of the Known World (Lisa Ann Sandell) & All These Things I've Done (Gabrielle Zevin). =)

  6. Twenty Boy Summer is one of my favorite covers. I love the weathered gray wood, and then all the blue with that one little piece of bright pink. Absolutely beautiful!


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