Friday, May 6, 2011

Love My Indie with Author Julie Chibbaro

Love My Indie is a feature where fellow bloggers, readers, and authors tell me about their favorite independent bookstores. I love the feeling I get when I go into an independent bookstore - like it is filled with hidden treasures just waiting for me to find them. Maybe one day I will have the chance to visit these amazing bookstores.

If you're interested in participating in this feature, please send me an email at - I'd love to hear from you and discover your favorite indie bookstore! 
Showing some Indie Love today is:

Julie Chibbaro, author of Deadly and Redemption

The reasons I love Oblong Books & Music are simple:  Their enthusiasm for books and authors, and their involvement with their community.  Every month, owner Suzanna Hermans and her dad Dick set up events for the public, whether it’s for children’s books or young adult or adult, the events are always fun.  These guys know how to throw a party.  And they know how to be part of one, too.  I had a book launch for my latest release, Deadly, at the end of February, and they drove an hour south to the library with four boxes of books to sell.  These are dedicated indie booksellers!

They must be doing something right.  Last month, they renovated and added 1,000 sq. ft., a new annex to their store that they called Oblong Jr.  They set up an area for reading, making it easier for parents to bring in their children.  A monthly newsletter, if you sign up for it, tells you all about the upcoming events.

Oblong opened in 1975, and is still going strong.  Visit their website at  

Julie Chibbaro is the author of Deadly and Redemption. You can check out her website at


  1. That pictures looks so inviting. Sounds like the quintessential awesome indie book store where you walk in and just know you're surrounded by bibliophiles!

  2. I must agree with the previous person... that picture looks very inviting!! The shelves are filled with books and not kindles!! LOL I love bookstores in general but there is something about indie bookstores!


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