Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Book Tour and Giveaway: The Girlz from Galstanberry (#1)

The Girlz of Galstanberry 
by Garen S. Wolff
Published October 10, 2010
WolffHouse Books and Publishing

From the boroughs of New York, to the beaches of San Francisco, girls hail from all walks of life, to sport the violet blazer, pink beret, and coveted ‘Galstanberry Girl’ title.

The Girlz of Galstanberry begins as the prominent Charles Galstanberry awaits the birth of this son, Andrew A son that he a has always wanted and intends to pass along the family legacy. Mr. Galstanberry is quite surprised that his newborn child is not a son, but a daughter, Aundrea. A daughter who will be educated and have every opportunity that a male child would have (which was not so common in 1926) as this is the dying wish of Mrs. Galstanberry who has come down with pneumonia shortly after childbirth.

Overcome with grief, it takes several years for Charles to begin to make his wife's wishes as a reality and finally constructs and organizes the Galstanberry Girls Academy.

The story moves along to the present and introduces five girls from all over the U.S. who will be attending Galstanberry Girls Academy. We meet Lillian, Brandi, Fei, Tabitha and Nisha - different in so many ways, but similar too. Each girl is excited to experience this new and exciting world of academia, but each is afraid in their own ways - fear of breaking family bonds, leaving friends and new relationships behind. And even a little bit of fear that they might not quite measure up.  

I was looking forward to this middle grade read because I wanted a story filled with characters that I could read with my nieces and something they could relate to. I think The Girlz of Galstanberry is just one such book. It is filled with interesting characters that have a variety of issues that readers can relate to whether that is familial expectations, peer pressure, or self-acceptance. This is a book that girls can share with their friends and sisters. I'm interested to see how the girls of Galstanberry will grow and evolve as the series continues.

Now for the  Twitter Giveaway (hosted by publisher and open to US only):

Readers can enter an win: The Girlz of Galstanberry (book 1), Galstanberry #2, stickers and bookmarks tweeting:

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