Friday, February 15, 2013

Favorite Quotes: Beautiful Creatures by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl

With the Valentine's Day Release of Beautiful Creatures, bloggers have been all abuzz. It seems like EVERYONE is talking about Beautiful Creatures. And now I am too. I didn't see it yesterday, but my book club, Provisions and Paperbacks, will see it together next week. Beautiful Creatures was one of the first books read when we were only 3 members. Now we are a much larger group, and many of us are going to see the film, but I'm pretty sure that the original three are the only ones that have read the book. I would bet that several will go back a read it after. 

To get ready for the movie night and then continue on with the series, I am listening the Beautiful Creatures audiobook right now. Seventeen hours plus. Yes, I would say that's a commitment, but I'm really enjoying revisiting the characters. Early on Ethan shares something about himself that I didn't remember when I first read it, but it has stuck with me this time. He says:
"A little-known fact to me: I read all of the time. Books were one thing that got me out of Gatlin, even if it was only for a little while. I had a map on my wall, and every time I read about a place I wanted to go, I marked it in the map. New York was Catcher in the Rye, Into the Wild got me to Alaska. When I read On the Road, I added Chicago, Denver, L.A., and Mexico City. Kerouac could get you pretty much everywhere. Every few months, I drew a line to connect the marks. A thin green line I'd follow on a road trip, the summer before college, if I ever got out of this town. I kept the map and the reading thing to myself." (pg. 16)
When I was teenager, I had a map on my wall, marked it will press pins, and imagined all of the places I would like to travel some day when I would finally leave my small town. But unlike Ethan, I didn't read nearly enough and didn't "travel" through books like he has. I do now and love it when I get to visit places that I'd once only read about. This quote is just a small part of the story but it shows a lot about Ethan's character and where he is from and the life he has led up to this point. Of all the many things that exist and occur in Beautiful Creatures the book, I really hope that map made it into Beautiful Creatures the movie. 

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