Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Bridge by Jeri Smith-Ready is available now!

If you missed the news:

a Shade short story is now available!!

(from Goodreads)
Logan is barely seventeen, and barely dead. To find eternal rest, the ghost rock star must make peace with his brother Mickey, before his guilt over Logan’s death drives him to suicide.

Krista sees ghosts everywhere, but never the one she needs most. A chance boardwalk encounter with Logan turns her Senior Week party into a rescue mission. Can her own grief give her the strength to save Mickey’s life?

Loaded with bonus material, the “Bridge” ebook is the perfect introduction to the young-adult Shade trilogy—a tale of ghosts, music, and everlasting love.

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My Thoughts:

For any fan of the SHADE trilogy, this is a must read. When I read the series, I was all about Zach, but Logan has made me a fan. And now the only thing I want to do is reread the entire series from start to finish!

I love that it is written in verse because it lends to the story Logan is telling. And the bonus features are, well, a bonus! Read it! Loved it! Buy it!

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