Friday, April 26, 2013

Love My Indie with Author Katie Kacvinsky

Love My Indie is a feature where fellow bloggers, readers, and authors share their favorite independent bookstores. I love the feeling I get when I go into an independent bookstore - like it is filled with hidden treasures just waiting for me to find them.

Showing some Indie Love today is:

Katie Kacvinsky
Author of First Comes Love, Second Chance, Awaken and Middle Ground

Outside Grass Roots Books and Music
Local bookstores say so much about the community around them. They are the heart of a community, in many ways. When you walk into Grass Roots Books and Music, in Corvallis, Oregon, you can tell what people are into around here—there are always displays on gardening, the environment, brewing beer, tasting wine, biking, and exploring.
Katie Kacvinsky with Grass Roots store manager
Bookstores are an experience; they are a place for fellowship, escape, and inspiration. My favorite thing to do with my son is buy a book at Grass Roots and go to the bakery next door, get chocolate milk and cookies and sit down and read. I love Grass Roots for its strong support of local authors and musicians, and its passion and knowledge for books. If you’re ever in Corvallis, please stop by. But plan on staying a while…a good bookstore is like a tight hug. You never want to leave its embrace.
Can you spot Katie's book?
Check out their website for more information, or to get some good recommendations:
I'm pretty sure if I lived in Corvallis Grass Roots Books and Music would be my home away from home. Going there and then to the other local spots sounds like a great way to spend the day. I know that they have great customer service because I've ordered books from there before! Katie, thank you for taking the time to share your favorite independent bookstore. And I love your shirt!
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