Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Jennifer Echols Week: My Favorite Cover

In honor of the July 16th release of Jennifer Echols's Dirty Little Secret, Katelyn of Kate's Tales of Books and Bands wanted to share her love for all of her books and declared this week Jennifer Echols Week. Katelyn then asked other bloggers to join in to share the love and I immediately had to sign up. I think Jennifer Echols is an entertaining author with her mix of romantic comedies, romantic dramas, and now her adult contemporaries.

Today Katelyn is sharing her thoughts on the covers she loves and the ones that she doesn't love as much. So I decided to share my favorite cover too.

My Favorite Cover

I swear this is not going to be just an Endless Summer Week. But this is my favorite cover. I love that it is intimate and just the right amount of sexy for the age of the characters. 
And it screams summer romance!!!


  1. Definitely agree! This cover matches the book so well. Not sure I'd say it's my favorite though, but I definitely agree it's perfect for this story inside.

  2. I love this cover so much! I think it fits the story in every possible way!


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