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Holiday #Readathon Challenge: Favorite Holiday Foods

First I want to THANK LIZA at WhoRUBlog for organizing and hosting my favorite #READATHON of the year. This is my fourth year participating and as long as Liza keeps hosting, I'll keeping reading!! (Well that never really stops!)

My Challenge:
 List Your Top Five Favorite Holiday Foods or Beverages

One book valued up to $15.00 from Barnes & Noble or The Book Depository 

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List your Top Five Favorites in the Comments 
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My Favorites:
1. Hot Chocolate
2. No bake Chocolate Oatmeal Cookies, aka Preacher Cookies
3. Cherries in the Snow
(angel food cake, vanilla pudding, cherries, cool whip)
4. Sausage Balls
5. Granny's Biscuits and Gravy on Christmas Morning

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  1. My Top Five Favorites:
    1) Hot Chocolate with LOTS of marshmallows
    2) Green Bean Casserole (i know a lot of people think YUCK but I love this stuff!)
    3) Sweet Potato Casserole (i have a thing for casseroles...sue me lol)
    4) Peppermint flavored ANYTHING!
    5) Those Christmas Tree Little Debbie Snack Cakes. (So bad for me yet I cannot say no!)

    There you have it! These foods are usually only eaten near the holidays for me! Love them all!

    Melissa C @ Must Read Faster

  2. My top 5 will be:

    1. Chocolate moist cake
    2. Lechon
    3. Pancit (it's a Filipino style noodle dish made with sliced meat and vegetables)
    4. Bibingka (it's a traditional dessert made with rice flour, sugar, clarified butter and coconut milk. Baked in layers and topped with butter and sugar)
    5. Ham

    I don't know if you know most of those foods since some of them are only made in the Philippines or is a specialty in the Philippines. :3

  3. I'm not a real big holiday person... well these holidays anyway, but I do LOVE the food. I love food in general but still... and after Pinterest that love has expanded.
    1- Hot Spiced Apple Cider
    2- Green Bean Casserole
    3- Peppermint Hot Chocolate... it's liquid Ande's mints! Its heaven! Lol
    4- The stuffing. My dad and I are the only ones who really eat this or green bean casserole, so this is the o ly time we ever make it.
    5- The cookies. I cannot be more specific here because our neighbors & family member go cookie crazy and get pretty imaginative about it. I love milk chocolate chip or pumpkin milk chocolate chip the most though!
    Happy reading!

    1. Oh and I'm registered for the read-a-thon as Lindsey Greer-Smith, but have to use the WP accou t I never use otherwise to comment on blogger for some reason.

  4. My Top Five:

    1. chocolate covered cordial cherries (I'm so addicted I can eat a box in one sitting :X)
    2. hot chocolate, especially with the tiny marshmallows!
    3. peppermint bark
    4. canned cranberry sauce
    5. stuffing

  5. Hmm, my favorites are(no particular order):
    -cozonac(it's a little like the French brioche)
    -hot dark chocolate
    *chocolate chip cookies

    I am registered as Aly @ Aly\'s Miscellany

  6. Food is the best part of the holidays as far as I'm concerned.
    1. pumpkin pie!
    2. sugar cookies
    3. peanut butter cookies with kisses
    4. cranberry sauce
    5. mashed potatoes


  7. 1. Potato Latkes
    2. My great grammas cranberry bread
    3. Chocolate chip oatmeal cookies
    3. Mint tea
    4. Hot Chocolate
    5. Chai

  8. My top five favorite foods and drinks would have to be
    1. Dark Chocolate
    2. Ice Cream
    3. Tiramisu
    4. Tea
    5. Chocolate Chip Cookies

  9. 1. Peppermint Mocha
    2. Hot Chocolate with Marshmallows
    3. cookies galore! :)
    4. mint chocolate
    5. mint choc chip ice cream

    As you can tell I LOVE minty stuff! :)

    I was registered as Jen @ Book Exhibitionism!

  10. My top five holiday food and beverages are:
    1. Lasagna - it's our Christmas tradition to make this every year for the holidays.
    2. Sorrel Drink - I can't resist Sorrel around Christmas time, it tastes so delicious.
    3. Chocolate - I think I eat the most chocolate around Christmas just because we got so many as gifts.
    4. Oatmeal cookies - I love them all year round so they're on of my favourites.
    5. Bake Potato - My mom started making this every Christmas when I stopped eating meat so it's become a holiday fav.

    Thank you! Registered as : Isa @ Chasing Quills

  11. Mmm. Tough decision!

    1. my mom's chocolate chip cookies
    2. my mom's chocolate cake. mmm.
    3. Nestle's Crunch bells. Okay, I know it's the same candy as ever, but they're bell shaped ! :D
    4. hot chocolate
    5. mashed potatoes!

    Thanks! I'm registered as Kayla @ Caught Between the Pages!

  12. 1. hot chocolate
    2. pumpkin pie
    3. green bean casserole
    4. Christmas-themed sugar cookies
    5. candy canes

  13. My favorite :
    1) Egg Nog
    2) Gingerbread
    3)Sugar Cookies
    4) Cranberries
    5) Hot Chocolate

  14. Oh top 5 favorites.
    1.) Peppermint Mochas
    2.) Trader Joe's Peppermint Bark
    3.) White Fudge Oreos
    4. Prime Rib for Christmas Dinner
    5.) Homemade Fried Hot Wings and Sliced Potatoes

  15. Top 5 favorites:

    1. Hot Cocoa with lots of marshmallows
    2. Egg Nog
    3. Mashed Potatoes
    4. Turkey (or Ham!)
    5. Pumpkin Pie!

  16. 1. My mom's stuffing. With gravy. Mmmm.
    2. my MIL's tenderloin recipe....with gravy.
    3. Mexican/Russian wedding cookies, those little balls rolled in powder sugar. Delightful!
    4. My MIL makes Mrs. Field's Cookies. So yummy.
    5. Almond Roca -get some in my stocking every year!

  17. Top 5 Favorites
    1. Mom's Frosted Sugar Cookies
    2. Coffee with all the lovely holiday creamers
    3. Pumpkin Cheesecake
    4. Eggnog
    5. Cheese log made with Velveeta....yum!!

  18. This comment has been removed by the author.

  19. Eggnog, pumpkin pie, Turkey, green bean casserole and stuffing!

  20. Well...

    1. Sausage with smashed potatoes (yummy)
    2. Vanilla rolls (sweets)
    3. Fish soup
    4. Carp with fries
    5. Chocolate cake

  21. My top five:

    1. anything pumpkin...pie, dump cake, cheesecake, shakes, coffee, pumpkin eggnog
    2. my sausage cornbread stuffing with sliced almonds
    3. hot spiced cider
    4. regular egg nog
    5. sugar cookies

    Thanks for the chance!
    Michelle @ The True Book Addict

  22. My top 5:

    1. Cookies
    2. Hot chocolate
    3. dinner rolls
    4. ham
    5. pie

  23. 1. stuffing
    2. snowball cookies with hershey's kiss inside
    3. fruitcake
    4. potato pancakes
    5. egg nog

  24. 1. Christmas cookies
    2. Hot cocoa
    3. Pumpkin cheesecake
    4. Fruitcake
    5. Pancakes

  25. 1. We call them Grasshoppers but I have also heard them called Haystacks.
    2. Pigs in the Blankets
    3. Peppermint Mochas
    4. Peanut Butter balls
    5. Sausage balls


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