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Review: SANDCASTLE BEACH by Jenny Holiday


by Jenny Holiday
Publication Date: March 9, 2021
Publisher: Forever
Pages: 409
Source: Publisher


From the USA Today bestselling "master of witty banter" (Entertainment Weekly) comes a hilarious and heartwarming romance about two enemies whose feud turns red-hot.
Maya Mehta will do anything to save her tiny, beloved community theater. Put on musicals she hates? Check. Hire an arrogant former-pop-star-turned-actor? Done. But what Maya really needs to save her theater is Matchmaker Bay's new business grant. She's got some serious competition, though: Benjamin "Law" Lawson, local bar owner, Jerk Extraordinaire, and Maya's annoyingly hot arch nemesis. Let the games begin.

Law loves nothing more than getting under Maya's skin, and making those gorgeous eyes dance with irritation. But when he discovers the ex-pop star has a thing for Maya, too, Law decides he's done waiting in the wings-starting with a scorching-hot kiss. Turns out there's a thin line between hate and irresistible desire, and Maya and Law are really good at crossing it. But when things heat up, will they allow their long-standing feud to get in the way of their growing feelings?

Includes the bonus novella Once Upon a Bride!



Reading this book made me so happy. It was fun spending time with Law and Maya as they fussed with each other and antagonized each other because "Everyone needs hobbies." I loved this enemies-to-lovers story without the angst, but with all the heat. 

When Sandlecastle Beach began with the meddling matchmakers, just one of the town's charming trademarks, I knew that I was going to be in for a real treat. Just as in the other books of this series, I looked forward to their antics. There were several the town's elders brought Maya and Law together, but it was the Dunk Tank Debacle (as I call it) that was my favorite. When Pearl says, "Oh shoot," . . . "I think I double-scheduled this shift," I cackled with glee.  😄 

And I LOVED that Maya kept track of the See Benjamin's Chest Days. 

Law and Maya didn't always need the matchmaking meddlers. They did quite well all on their own.  ❤ And to quote Maya "Hooboy" oh how the tension made it all that more exciting. 

There is so much joy and laughter in this book that I wouldn't have objected to another hundred pages. I loved catching up with Eve and Sawyer and Jake and Nora and spending moments in the Pink Room of the Mermaid Inn. 

A Favorite Quote:

"So is this a 'friends with benefits'thing? Nora made the air quotes with her fingers."Because I think it's well established by now that those don't work in this town."

If you asked me which couple from Matchmaker Bay is my favorite? I couldn't answer and you can't make me choose. They're all my favorites! This series will be my go-to recommendation when friends are looking for a fun and entertaining summer read - at the beach, by the pool, or just a cozy stay-cation.

I loved it.

Disclaimer: I received this promotional copy from the publisher for review consideration. Thoughts and opinions are my own.

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