Friday, December 3, 2010

Holiday #Readathon Mini-Challenge #2

My second Holiday #Readathon mini-challenge hosted by:

Young Adult Books Reviewed

For my challenge I would like to know what your favorite Christmas movie/book/song is. Can be any one of those, or all three!

My favorite Christmas movie is Love, Actually (tied with The Family Stone) and my favorite Christmas song is O Holy Night (sung by Jewel).


  1. *high fives* I LOVE The Family Stone also, and Home Alone (doesn't matter what part).

    *scratches head* I suppose I like to listen to randomly selected holiday songs, kind of like a mixed CD or something. I don't have an exact favorite, you know. But, I do really like singing Feliz Navidad. Lol.

  2. I love Its A Wonderful Life, The Nutcracker soundtrack and the classic grinch cartoon :)
    Kai Charles

  3. I also love the Jewel holiday CD from a few (okay, almost 10) years ago. Usually I find her kind of whiny, but I think she scratches away a bit of the too-much tinsel that characterizes most commercial holiday music.

    I'll weigh in that Houston's Alley Theater has the world's best production of A Christmas Carol. If anyone's ever in H-town around the holidays, check it out.


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