Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Spotlight On: Curiosity with a Capital S

This week on the blog, I am featuring author Tonya Trimble. Her new book Curiosity with a Capital S is a historical fiction novel written from the middle grade reading level.


Curiosity with a Capital S
by Tonya Trimble
Publisher: Tell Me Press
Available: August 1, 2011

Ten-year-old Tracy worships her big brother, Stan, even though his insatiable curiosity often leads him—and Tracy—into unexpected, eye-opening, and sometimes frightening adventures. When Tracy’s family moves to a beautiful South Carolina island during World War II, whole new opportunities for exploration and adventure unfold. Tracy watches with admiration as her brother grows up and learns to channel his curiosity to find his life’s passion and pursue his dreams.

This sweet, poignant story of youthful inquisitiveness conveys the texture of life on a South Carolina island during a unique time in United States history. It’s perfect for children, parents and adults.

The book features the whimsical work of artist Ted Enik, best known for his illustrations in popular children’s books such as Eloise, Magic School Bus, and Fancy Nancy.

Stop by tomorrow for a Q & A with Tonya Trimble.

Author’s blog 
A comprehensive reader’s and teacher’s guide is available for download:

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