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Falling for You by Lisa Schroeder: Excerpt and Giveaway

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I am pleased to participate in the Falling for You blog tour for young adult author, Lisa Schroeder. Her verse novels (which you will have a chance to win below) are some of my all-time favorites and are my go-to recommendations for readers who want to read a novel in verse but don't know which one to start with. Falling for You is Lisa's first published non-verse, young adult novel and it's one of my most anticipated books of 2013. It was published January 1, 2013, so you can go ahead and get a copy NOW.

I'd like to thank The Mod Podge Bookshelf for allowing me to participate in the tour which wraps up this weekend.
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And now an excerpt from Falling For You

"Home Away From Home"
     Nina keeps the back door locked, so I walked around the to the front
past Cutting Edge, and through the door of Full Bloom. The sweet-smelling
shop has walls the color of sunshine and shelves filled with potted plants
and flowers. It gave me a warm, fuzzy-feeling when I walked in, like always.
     I could see Nina in the back workroom, through the large picture window
behind the long front counter. She sat with a pile of paperwork in front of her
and her laptop.
    "Hey, Nina. How's it going?" I asked as I walked through the workroom
    "It's been quiet all day," she said, glancing up at me. "So I'm paying bills.
Man, do I hate paying bills. But Uranus is finally leaving my second house,
which rules earned income. Uranus is volatile, so it's a good thing it's leaving.
More money should start coming in, right?"
     I curled my lips in, trying not to giggle. "Nina, I'm sorry, but I'm still back
at 'Uranus is volatile.' " She could talk astrology to me all she wanted,
but as soon as she mentioned Uranus, it was over.
     "All right, all right. I'll keep my thoughts about Uranus to myself."
     "Much appreciated. So, what's my horoscope say? Do I have
anything to look forward to? If not, don't tell me. I don't want to know."
     "Nina regularly checked a bunch of online sites to get her daily,
weekly, and monthly horoscopes. I thought she took it a bit too seriously
sometimes, but I'd never tell her that. Mostly, I joked with her about it, hoping
to remind her it should be for fun, not something to plan her life around.
     "Romance," she said as she typed numbers into her spreadsheet.
"Something big is supposed to happen soon."
     I took my sweater off and hung it on the coatrack. "Since I'm sixteen,
wait, I mean, newly seventeen, and have never been kissed, that's even
funnier than saying Uranus is volatile."

© Lisa Schroeder 2013

Tour-Wide Giveaway:
Win signed copies of I Heart You, You Haunt Me, Far From You,
Chasing Brooklyn, The Day Before, and Falling for You 

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  1. This sounds like a really sweet romance novel <3 I haven't read any of Lisa Schroeder's books yet but hopefully I will soon!

    Catherine :D
    The Book Parade


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