Friday, June 10, 2016

New Cover Reveal: THE SOUND OF US by Ashley Poston

THE SOUND OF US by Ashley Poston has a new cover. 

 I love it!

My four and a half star review
(from 2013)

Why I loved it:
  • Junie - she's got a way about her (name the artist)
  • All the music - why we love it, the memories it evokes, and the emotions it can create
  • Junie's best friend, Maggie and her obsession with Roman Holiday - my teenage bedroom may have been plastered with boy band posters to the same extreme
  • It's not just a fun story - it takes a look at the invasion of privacy and doing whatever it takes to get the "next big story"
  • Set in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina - a favorite vacation spot during my teen years
  • Junie and Maggie and their friendship - they would do ANYTHING for each other
  • The levels of loyalty between MANY people in Junie's life
  • I have to say it - swoony kissing scenes. I can't lie, reading about some of these kisses made MY toes curl.
If you want a story with friendship, romance, music, and fun times, then The Sound of Us is a must read! It will make you want to dig out your Bon Jovi CDs and go get an ice cream with your best friend (read it, you'll know what I mean). I can't wait to read what Ashley Poston will give her readers next! (We're about to find out WE OWN THE NIGHT comes out June 28th!)

Order THE SOUND OF US on Amazon

Read Ashley's blog post about her new cover HERE.

And don't miss the fun playlists for THE SOUND OF US.
Find them HERE!

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