Friday, August 5, 2011

Maroon 5 Birthday Adventure

Cathy, one of best friends and Maroon 5 partner in crime, wrote about our Maroon 5 concert (mis)adventures on her blog. Because she's pretty clever and I couldn't say it any better, she agreed to let me feature it here:

It is no Secret that my friend Joli and I are a bit.....obsessed with Maroon 5.

And yes we have a bit of an Infatuation with Adam Levine....can you blame us?

For three of the last four years we have been lucky to have them tour during the month of August and therefore refer to their concerts as our joint birthday celebration. Usually I'm Losing My Mind with anticipation of the concert as soon as we know the tour dates. I get in an all play Maroon 5 music mode and often find that I Can't Stop listening to my favorite songs over and over again. And thank you (husband) for putting up with that.

Here's a brief look back at the birthday concerts:

In 2008

In 2010

And again this year.....

Notice how we mixed up the wardrobe a bit and where we were sitting.

I don't think anyone can top the picture that some nice guy behind us took at the concert in 2008. But this year the experience did get taken to a whole new level because we met the band! That's right we shelled out the money and we met Maroon 5.....Adam, Jesse, James, Mickey and Matt (and yes we're on a first name basis and plan to totally name drop whenever possible). Thanks guys, for A Little of Your Time! And we didn't act a fool....too much. But I will admit that while we were waiting it got harder and Harder to Breathe. I would like to blame that soley on the heat but I'm pretty sure there were some nerves involved. Finally after what felt like forever it was our turn. So we walked in, said hello and I told them I was excited about that show (what can I say I am a genius at conversation starters). Then I asked them to sign a copy of the picture I had from 2008.

Joli asked them to sign a birthday card I had given her last year with various Maroon 5 songs listed on the card and a small illustration of us screaming our heads off at a show....that may have included the phrase "Adam and his hotness"

Um, yeah it did include that line...because photos don't lie. (Makes Me Wonder if this helped or hurt the impression we made).

Anyway, here's where we get to the "too much" part.....we also signed a copy of the picture from 2008 and gave it to them.....Seriously, yes we did. It said "Your concerts are the best birthday gifts! Cathy & Joli" They did comment that it was a great picture. Jesse asked if photoshop was involved - Joli assured him it was not, and Mickey commented that Adam was working that picture. To which I replied "Yeah, he was!" That's when we were escorted out..and they said If I Never See Your Face Again...kidding!!!

Actually we briefly discussed when our birthdays were and then asked if they had plans to do another campus tour because we so enjoyed their show at Burruss Hall in 2009. They commented on what a fantastic theater that was to play in and I have to say it was probably one of the best shows ever! They had an amazing set list that included a cover of Alicia Key's If I Ain't Got You that I could just go on and on about.

But back to this experience....despite the heat, which was sweltering, The Sun just pounded down on us-----we had a blast! Gavin Degraw and Train also performed and we were thoroughly impressed with both - fantastic artists and amazing entertainers! We enjoyed a different perspective than we had at previous shows by sitting on the second row stage right. Which landed us directly behind one of the production cameras and therefore allowed us to have some jumbo-tron cameos....check that off my bucket list.

The concert was great! And I Can't Lie, as crazy as it was that we gave them an "autographed picture"....I think they thought it was pretty awesome.

And Joli and I had a blast together as usual. This Love of Maroon 5 is something we definitely share and I don't think the concerts would be the same if we didn't attend together. And we just crack each other up being "those girls," my cheeks hurt before we hit the North Carolina state line on the way to Charlotte from smiling and laughing so hard. I'm truly blessed to have her as a friend. HAPPY BIRTHDAY GIRL!

And kudos to those of you who recognized the titles of various Maroon 5 songs through out this post.


  1. Ohmygosh! I'd love to have a chance to see these guys in concert just once :D I'm glad you had an amazing time. I popped by to say thanks so much for the very unexpected RAK!! You absolutely made my day :)

  2. I love this recap so much! :) Great photos! I'm going to do a recap of mine this week too, I think!

    SO jealous you met them! Was Adam Levine hot in person?

  3. i saw your new blog design now! i think you should change the header to a big picture of you laying in a pile of books!

  4. Im very jealous of you. Maroon 5 really rocks!


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