Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Tune In Tuesday (1)

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I cannot contain my excitement. I am going to see my favorite band -Maroon 5 - tonight! I'm going with one of my best girl friends, Cathy and we are all grins and giggles because we're actually meeting the band! I can't stand it. The is my 6th time seeing them and her 8th and we finally decided to shell out some bucks for the Meet and Greet. 

It has been Maroon 5, all play, all day for a few weeks now. Some songs on high rotation are Little of Your Time, Secret, Misery, Shiver, Sunday Morning, No Curtain Call and their latest, Moves Like Jagger. But one of my favorites to sing along to at concerts is Won't Go Home Without You. If you can stick it out through the shakiness of the live video, you will see that I mean!

I know Maroon 5 isn't a new band and this isn't a new song, but listening to their music always puts me in a good mood and I wanted to share my love for them.


  1. AHHHH! You are MEETING THEM?! That is insane. Can you please post pictures?

    I'm seeing Maroon 5 on Friday night in NJ! I am so insanely excited. I have seen them in concert 3-4 times and love them. And I really like Gavin DeGraw and Train too so it's basically just going to be an all around awesome concert.


  2. Oh my goodness Joli!! I am SUPER excited for you!!! I know what it feels like to be super obsessed with a band ;-) haha You are going to have an amazing time! Tell Adam I said hello, lol :-)

  3. hey i tuned in because you told me you would be dancing in your video! enjoy spending time with your boyfriend in maroon 5! :)

  4. Holy crap that's awesome! I'd say have a great time but, I know you totally will.

  5. I think Maroon 5 get a bit of a bad wrap. I hear a lot of negativity regarding this band, but I really like them.

  6. I haven't listened to Maroon 5 much lately, I used to love them.


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