Thursday, August 25, 2011

Pick It Up, then Pile It Up Challenge and Giveaway

Many of us joined the Bout of Books Read-a-thon because our To Be Read piles are Out Of Control. We see books we want, we pick them up, then we pile them up to be read one day -- some day.

Here is the challenge - Show me your To Be Read Pile

How to Enter:
Take a picture of your To Be Read books and post it to your blog or twitter, then leave a link in the comments
If you are not posting on a blog or twitter, list your TBR books in the comments or provide a link to Goodreads (or wherever you list your books)

The Prize:
Book of Your Choice Valued up to $15.00 from the Book Depository or B&

Contest Rules:
Must be 13 or older to enter
Must have signed up for the Bout of Books Read-a-thon
(the Master List will be checked)
One entry per person
Open to US and International
Ends August 28th  11:59 PM EST

One Winner will be selected randomly from all qualifying entries and announced on August 30th.

Here is my TBR Pile:
This is only about half of my TBR pile and now I'm embarrassed
Now show me yours!

Good Luck!


  1. IS THAT DIVERGENT I SEE IN YOUR TBR PILE?! WHY HAVEN'T YOU READ IT ALREADY? It's soooo good, I'm still in love with it and it's been a few weeks since I read it. Please pick it up right now and get started reading it!

  2. I'm embarrassed too.. and this is only the books I own that are TBR. There's many more I want to get from the library. :) Cool theme for the giveaway btw!

    My list:


  3. A great challenge! Here's mine:

    I feel in good company today.


  4. Oh goodness! This is always an eyeopener!

    Melissa Caldwell

  5. I'm totally a library girl so I don't physically have the books till I'm actually going to read them.

    But my TBR list on Goodreads seems to have been growing all week so far :)

  6. Here's mine (as embarassing as it is):

    Great challenge. Thanks!

  7. Nice pile you have going there! Here's mine!!/chaosandcoffee/status/106774999507025921


  8. What a fun challenge/giveaway. and boy oh boy you have lots of reading to catch up on. lol.

    I am SOO going to do this but It will have to wait till I am home. Your pile is outrageous. I really thought I was bad. Glad I am not the only one who collects and doesnt always read right away.

    and read DIVERGENT, ASAP

  9. Posted my list to my twitter :) @mymercurialmuse I love this idea!!

  10. A picture!

  11. Mine is definitely out of control, but somehow this picture makes it seem all nice and orderly!

  12. would luv to have a camera shot of these, but here's the goodreads link probably not even as current as it could be!
    luv your creativity with this gvwy! thx ")
    i'm updating on twitter @_eHope #boutofbooks

  13. My TBR list is now on Goodreads. It saves all the pieces of paper everywhere.

  14. My pile is is the link to my TBR pile..:)

    Thanks for hosting the challenge!!

  15. Okay, I destroyed on book shelf and left the other two alone, lol. I didn't want to clean tonight, I have reading to do!

    here is my link

  16. great contest. my pick is on twitter @yogikai hashtag #readathon

  17. Here's my list:

    Not big :p


  18. Here is the link to my picture. I love to see the piles some people have.

    TBR pile

  19. Dang, to take a picture of my TBR books would mean to take them off the shelves. They are intermixed with read books, and I keep track of ones I need to read on Goodreads. Not sure if that counts, but here's a list of all my TBR books in my physical possession (hardcopy and ebook)...

    Thanks for the great giveaway!


  20. I don't usually like to create reading piles but here's mine, well most of it actually -

    thanks for the fun challenge^^

  21. What a fun idea for a challenge. Thanks for hosting this giveaway!

    Okay so here's my photo. With the exception of 3 or 4 of those series, the remainder of those books are unread. And that's only one shelf! *bows head in shame*!/NotNowImReading/status/107451456981958657


  22. OMG! So many books! I have the same problem xD I don't even know where to start...

    My picture is here:

    This doesn't even include Kindle books. Believe me, I have more books on my Kindle to read than physical books :/

  23. Ok I hope I did this right but here is a picture of my TBR pile....not including my books on the Kindle...!/RainMaidenJen/status/107492939185401856

  24. This is my more immediate to be read pile:!/jaediasrantpage/status/107750787324710912

    Goodreads tells the story a little better:

    Basically, I'm a hoarder with books. Haha.. I'm so bad. I'm working on the books I pictured in my tweet first though, well, and whatever's on my kindle for review I have a small handful of NetGalley books on there :)

    Hannah - Once Upon A Time
    jaedia at live dot co dot uk

  25. I am exceedingly ashamed of my lack of willpower:

    Now I'm going to visit some other posts; hopefully, seeing more on someone else's shelves will help me feel better.

  26. Haha, now I don't feel so alone in how big my TBR is!! I don't have them all together in a pile to take a picture of, though. Well, I have a pile of ARCs and another of bought books at my bedside, but it's not my TBR pile by any means, lol!!!

    But I so don't feel alone now! As bloggers, I think we have more TO read b/c we find out about get ARCs!!!

  27. (So obviously, I'm not entering b/c I'm not going to pull all my books to throw together, but I soo wanted to comment! ^_^)


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